It's that time of year. The 29 1/2 Annual Tim's NCAA Final Four 2024 pool.

New site see main page. 26 points per entry Venmo/Paypal, 25 points check/cash.

The PLAY-IN GAMES DO NOT MATTER (you get the winner). Tourney starts Thursday at Noon!

Use Friends & Family. NO MENTION OF POOL. Use Food in comments.

Entry deadline: THURSDAY MARCH 21, 2024 @ 12:05 pm.
Admin cost: 15% of points, plus cost of the software. I'll donate to local causes throughout the year and the website.

Address to send Points:

Tim Tierney
137 Brookline St
Pepperell MA 01463

Read below about no mention of tourney.  A lot of people still doing so.

Paypal (Friend and Family): $26 - timmyt@charter.net Make NO MENTION of the tournament, entry names or NCAA.
Venmo (use COMMENT FOOD): $26- timmyt@charter.net or timmyt137 Make NO MENTION of the tournament, entry names or NCAA.

Request Friend on Venmo to be sure..


Enter as many as you want. 26 points PER entry (I will be entering at least 5).

Any new people into the pool NEED to have a SPONSOR (someone I know or in this pool already).

The SPONSOR is responsible for the new person's points. If they don't pay, the sponsor gets chucked with the dirtbag.

Send an email via the site to the Pool Admin if you are new with your SPONSOR's NAME.

If I do not know you, your SPONSOR must notify me (send an email) before entering the pool. For each sponsor I need to contact for failing this simple task, you will have to buy me a beer at the V (got it Mike Foley)!

New entrants into the pool may be required to submit their points before the pool starts.

If I have to ask for your points this year, next year you are out. NO exceptions.

Contact info:
website: www.timtierney.com (to enter picks, updates, etc)
email: pfdc9@charter.net
facebook: tim turnbuckle
twitter: @timmytierney

How to play:

You pick all the games, right through to the winner of the tournament. You get points for your correct picks (will be marked on your sheet).
The top 3-10 entries with the most points get points. Last year I paid top 11. Depends on # of entries.
Points distribution will be determined after the pool starts and I know the final number of entries.

Entries will only be accepted via the web (some exceptions, but if you get this via email, you can enter via the web).

To enter MORE THAN ONE ENTRY for the SAME USER GO TO Picks --> Add Entries

Brackets are available from the web site or get the daily paper. Be sure to print out your picks!

Pick all games except the 4 Playin games. Everyone gets the winners.

Pick the total score of the final game for the tie breaker (i.e. score is Umass 70, BC 68 would be 138).

You can forward to people, but you become their sponsor.

I won't hound anyone. Please send points in promptly if you do not see me on a regular basis.

If you want off this list, please reply to me and I'll take you off it.